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Dear friends,

Krabi is a funny place indeed.

Where on earth do you have a bronze statue of a big Neanderthal man holding 2 traffic lights in his hands on top of a cement pillar in big intersections?

What the hell is that? to intimidate drivers? the scooter drivers maybe when they drive off 2 seconds before it gets green? Boh! (I don’t know)

The night market which reminds me of an Italian SAGRA (a popular folk festival) where only locals go, is something else.

Amongst its shop tents it hides a mini funfair. If any of these Thai children have been to Disney world before, I am sure they will cry all day in those ugly and sad attractions.

For the first time in my holiday I have seen here in Krabi a white temple, no gold, no red, no green, no mosaic, only pure white with a dark roof: very interesting, distinctive and classy, like an Asian version of the Palladio buildings.

I tried to go there early this morning but it was still closed. I walked around it to take pictures when something quite unusual happened to me.

First of all I need to warn all of you that I am not a big fan of animals. I have a phobia of cats and fear of most animals. In fact I have issues with any creature different from human beings.

Yes, I know…why did I move to Africa then? Good question.

I still remember when I asked my friend if animals are free in the streets of CT. What a question, embarrassing and funny.

Anyway, animals in Thailand are pretty passive.

Elephants are depressed and chained, when not forced to follow a route, which they have seen hundreds of time.

Dogs and cats are dormant. I have seen them falling asleep in the middle of the high way.

Strangely, they seem not to belong to anyone. Cows are lazy and are a few.

On the contrary, roosters are funky and entrepreneurial.

Monkeys are as crazy as we expect. I have seen one sucking its own penis

Please guys stop wandering why the species has evolved, DAMN!

So this morning as I am walking around the temple, ignoring those tired and retired dogs, I am forced to notice that they are wide awake and the four of them decided to bark and run after me.

Guys I got such a fright.They really caught me off guard. I have seen hundreds of them sleeping around the country.

If they do that, it means they are angry or that it is time to go home.

I managed to walk back slowly using my rucksack to protect my legs until I found refuge behind the fence.

Another unusual thing, which happened in the crazy Krabi is that I had breakfast with 2 armed policemen.

They sat exactly at my table at the bakery, when there were plenty of free tables. They asked for my name and my age.

How is that for pro activeness? Almost more direct than Italians?

Those tight uniforms they all seem to wear in this country make them all look gay.

Do I find Thai men attractive? NO

All I could think though was the slimy drunken husband of the lady who runs the guesthouse with rooms with no bathrooms.

Unlike the gorgeous Canadian, he was short and with a big beer belly.

When I asked him to show me how to work out the hot water, he came in the bathroom and suggested to massage me while I was showering and “soap me to make me happy” – he said.

I literally had to kick him out of the bathroom. The following day he crept back by saying:

You look nice today madam

You look different today madam

You look sexy today madam

And I said to him:You look drunk again.

Why are Thai women so pretty and Thai men so ugly? I am not happy with that. And what about Sex tourism for Western women? Do we always have to go to Argentina to get satisfied? heheheh

Once again, for the sixth time actually in this trip, I bumped into people I met, just before leaving Krabi. This country is magical!

I will leave you today with a quote by George Bernard Shaw:

 “I dislike feeling at home when I am abroad.”


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